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18. nov. 2022 21.00

Tango&Vinos, Herluf Trolles Gade 9, 1052 København, Denmark

Om eventet

An intimate conversation, two voices and a jazz guitar, singing their hearts out for hope, longing, sympathy, secrecy and sweet romance.

Maria comes from Esbjerg, Denmark and Andy’s from New York, both living now in Stockholm, meeting whenever possible to sing and play just for the joy of it. In the process they’ve developed an ever-broadening repertoire featuring a great many songs by Andy, some funny, some deeply serious, and including some surprising conversational duets.

Maria’s got a sound anybody would love hearing, and Andy’s guitar playing is all the accompaniment they need. The two voices blend easily and gracefully as they carry you along through moments, most likely, from your own life, rendered into music like you’ve never heard before.

You come home to yourself, as they take you to some places you’ve never been.”

entré 100 DKK per person

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