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10. nov. 2022 19.00

Tango&Vinos, Herluf Trolles Gade 9, 1052 København, Denmark

Om eventet

Fredrik Carlquist (ES/SE) – saxophone, clarinet Mattias Nilsson (SE) – piano

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Fredrik Carlquist and Mattias Nilsson are two internationally acclaimed jazz musicians and masters on their instruments. This special evening they will take you on a musical journey spanning from Spanish flamenco to Nordic vemod.

FREDRIK CARLQUIST Fredrik Carlquist is a Swedish saxophonist living in Barcelona, Spain. Since his arrival to the Catalan capital in 2001 he established himself as one of the mainstays of the new jazz events in the city and he is now considered one of the major horn players on the jazz scene. A precise and versatile saxophonist that moves easily on a broad range of the jazz spectra. Even though his later work focuses on classic terrain with influences from players like Stan Getz and Lester Young, he has been heard in many other constellations from free to Dixieland. On his records Fredrik also stands out as a composer and producer.

Fredrik was born in Jönköping, Sweden in 1969 and started to play clarinet at nine years age and saxophone at ten. During 1989-1991 Fredrik studied at the jazz program at Skurups Folkhögskola and in 1996 he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in music from Malmö College of Music. He had an active role on the flourishing jazz scene in Malmö during the 90-ties. He released two albums under his own name on Dragon Records and in 1997 he won the “Jazz In Sweden” award as a member of the group Blue Pages from Malmö. 1998-2001 Fredrik teached saxophone at the jazz program at Skurups Folkhögskola.

With Barcelona as his base Fredrik performs with a broad range of top musicians both from Spain and Sweden such as Jorge Rossy, Gustav Lundgren, Dave Mitchell, Joan Chamorro, Andrea Motis, Karl-Martin Almqvist, Horacio Fumero, Erik Lindeborg, Albert Bover and Marco Mezquida to mention a few. Frerik has released 8 CD’s under his own name and played on numerous as a sideman (see the discography at the bottom of this page).

Fredrik has performed in the USA, México, Colombia, China, Democratic Republic of Congo and all over Europe. He has performed in prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall, Village Vanguard, The World Exhibition Hannover-2001 and Barcelona Jazz Festival.

Over the years Fredrik has worked with artists and groups such as: Sture Kallin, Perico Sambeat, Monica Zetterlund, Ben Sidran, Peer Wyboris, Anders Bergcrantz, Frank Foster, Bill McHenry, Michelle Faber, Guillermo Klein, Lavay Smith & Chris Siebert, Jazz Terrassa Big Band, Tolvan, Monday Night Big Band, Latin Lover Big Band, Beijbom/Kroner Big Band, Ila Cantor, Marc Miralta, Damon Brown, Andreu Zaragosa, Charles Tolliver, Peter Herbolzheimer, Jauma Vilaseca, Reid Anderson, ALO, Julian Vaughn Jazz Vision, Jacob Karlzon, Josep Maria Farras, Ignasi Terraza and Benny Bailey.

MATTIAS NILSSON (b. 1980), has with more than two thousand concerts in 33 countries around the world established himself as one of Sweden’s most personal pianists with his very own voice. Nilsson incorporates the Nordic Vemod, with influences from classical, folk and jazz music. Through his improvisations and a very warm and personal approach, this becomes a unique expression and a musical landscape with completely new shades of color. It’s not for no reason they call him the Swede with the warm Scandinavian touch.

“Mattias Nilsson rightfully fits into the genre of the great ‘Nordic’ pianists, that is to say those extraordinary musicians who have managed to produce original music characterized by the encounter between the jazz tradition and the particular humus of Northern Europe…” – A PROPOSITO DI JAZZ (Italy)

“’Dreams Of Belonging’ is part of a continuum in which the improvisation of jazz and the freedom of interpretation are applied to different musical starting points. The more romantic side of classical music, folk music and direct nods to the core of traditional jazz expression…” – JAZZ POSSU (Finland)

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